• In 2019, the price of solid wood furniture will continue to rise

    The innovation technology and products of home furnishing industry are fast, people's demand changes and other characteristics. The industry needs to conduct authoritative, scientific and comprehensive industrial development research 2018 China's home furnishing materials industry data report, predict the development trend of home furnishing industry 2019, and provide information for the strategic development of industry research and market development. For this reason, 12 industry associations in China, Sina home furnishing and leteng home furnishings jointly released the 2018 China home furnishing materials industry data report. From the perspective of home furnishing stores, the combination of traditional decoration peak season and promotion activities has blurred the sales off-season peak season boundary. Industrial transformation and upgrading, structural reform still exist

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  • The shining business card of Chinese furniture going to the world exhibition

    China's furniture exhibition has become an international exhibition with important influence in the world furniture industry, especially in the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. From the perspective of exhibition scale and international influence, it has ranked the top three in the world. On September 11, China International Furniture Exhibition was held in Shanghai, with a group of amazing data - 350000 square meters of exhibition area, 3500 exhibitors, 220 international brands, 129 well-known design brands at home and abroad, and more than 50 design masters. This means that this year's China International Furniture Exhibition is another grand event of the global furniture industry. Since Beijing furniture company opened its first

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  • How to choose a favorite wine cabinet for Aijia

    In order to improve the quality of life, many people now make some furniture in their own home, such as wine cabinet, which can improve their quality of life! So how to choose a wine cabinet? Let'

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  • On October 26, 2019, Cardi furniture store opened!

    On October 26, 2019, the opening ceremony of Kadi furniture * * store was held. Kadi furniture store is located at No. 88, road, district * * of * * City, with superior location and convenient travel. The four districts arrive in an instant. There are many residential areas, educational institutions and industrial office areas within 3km of the store and Museum, with huge consumption potential in the future.

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