How to choose a favorite wine cabinet for Aijia

2020-05-18 17:29:46 vol37062105 70

In order to improve the quality of life, many people now make some furniture in their own home, such as wine cabinet, which can improve their quality of life! So how to choose a wine cabinet? Let's explain it to you from the following aspects.

1、 Design dimensions.

For domestic wine cabinets, the dimensions that need to be paid attention to generally include height, thickness, length and internal specific dimensions; 1. The height can be divided into two types, one is to make it integrate into the whole and look more beautiful, so to achieve the top, that is, to achieve the bottom of the ceiling, how high the ceiling is, how high the wine cabinet is, which is nothing to say; the other is not to the top, which is suggested At about 2m, after all, if it is too high, it is particularly inconvenient to take; 2. The thickness is generally about 25cm-30cm.

2、 Who's in the cupboard?

Wine cabinet, including other cabinets at home, such as shoe cabinet, wardrobe, bookcase, etc., can be obtained in three ways: one is to buy finished cabinets, go to the store and directly select them and then buy them back; the second is to make on-site carpentry, which requires the designer to design drawings in advance, and then the carpenter to make on-site drawings; the third is to find the whole house to order System, directly find a whole house customized brand, then let them measure the scale, then design, then produce, and finally move home. For these three ways, I suggest you choose customization.

3、 Overall style design of wine cabinet

After looking for a good business, you can choose your own style. Most families like to adopt the European or Chinese style, because the existence of the wine cabinet is not a fresh decoration, but more on behalf of the improvement of the host's charm and quality.

In addition, in terms of the maintenance of the wine cabinet, the shelves shall be replaced every one to two years to prevent the deformation and corrosion of the solid wood shelves in the high humidity state, which may cause potential safety hazards to the wine. Do not apply heavy pressure on the inside and outside of the wine cabinet. Do not place heating appliances and heavy objects on the top of the wine cabinet.